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If you live in Edmonton, Alberta, you’re probably incredibly relieved that winter is over and we’re finally heading into spring and summer. The Albertan winter is famed for its bone-chilling abilities and its interminable persistence, so when it finally comes to an end, few people are as grateful as those living in cities like Calgary

Here at Chipps Tree Care services in Edmonton, AB, the best part of our job is helping customers put together their dream yards. Something we’ve realized in our years of working with landscape designers and individual customers is that you don’t need a ton of fancy flowerbeds and fixed paths to make a garden nice.

Here at Chipps Tree Care, we are very excited that winter is almost over. In a separate post this month we talked about how exciting it can be to plant some trees and beautify your yard, and how our general services can help you with that project. However, in this post, we’ll talk more specifically

Here at Chipps stump removal services and tree care, we mostly do work and provide advice related to pruning the trees on your property and safely removing dead or diseased trees. At the same time, however, we like to tale every opportunity we have to talk to our customers about the forests of the world.

Winter in Canada can be an extremely difficult time for some. While we love skiing, sledding and the comforting relief of returning to a warm home after a long day of work, by February it sometimes starts to seem as if the cold, dark weather will never retreat. If you happen to have access to