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Here at Chipps tree removal services and tree care, we often encourage our clients to personally get involved with their trees, whether it’s fertilizing, watering or doing a bit of light pruning, we think it’s a great idea for you to get to know the trees on your property. One arena, however, in which we

If you’ve never heard the Yonder Mountain String Band song “Snow on the Pines”, we highly recommend you check it out. Not only does it feature some pretty amazing bluegrass picking, it is also an excellent description of our winters here in Edmonton – furthermore, we love any song that features trees in the lyrics

Each year when December rolls around, we count ourselves blessed to live in a place that looks exactly like Christmas should. While the cold, snowy winters may be tough in Alberta, there’s a certain coziness and a sense of community; the feeling that we’re all in this together. Finding a Christmas tree in Alberta is

If you’ve lived on a rental property your whole life and only recently purchased your own property, you may have thought of trees merely as accessories up until now, rather than living things that need attention and care. If you’re a no fuss type, you may not even want to deal with maintaining a tree,

While beech trees may dominate in Europe, here in Canada the Spruce is king – it is probably the most common tree to be found across our wide nation. The reason that these beautiful evergreens with their delightful aroma are so comfortable in Canada is that they thrive in colder climates. We typically think of