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We all know that trees are beautiful to look at; it’s why cities spend so much time and effort creating green spaces and parks that are full of gorgeous trees of all variety. If you are lucky enough to live in a residential neighbourhood, you probably appreciate the trees that line your street (and hopefully

The Two things that jump to mind whenever you consider pruning your tree are usually safety and beauty. For one thing, you don’t want a hazardous branch falling on the kid next door and you don’t want your neighbours complaining about an unsightly tree that is infringing on their property. As another blog post this

Since humans started to control fire thousands of years ago, things have been a lot easier for the species: we’ve been able to cook our food, scare away predators and keep ourselves warm at night and in the winter. Of course, as much as fire has been a boon for civilization, it also has an

Here in Edmonton, there are a lot of trees to take in. Whether you live in The Grange, The Palisades, Pilot Sound or any of Edmonton’s widely variegated neighbourhoods, you probably have a special relationship with the trees that happen to grow where you live. One thing that we really love about the summer is

As we return to Chipps’ Tree Care’s online sightseeing trip through the River Valley System, our next destination is Riverdale. And no, we aren’t talking about the small town that sets the scene of Netflix’s teen crime show based on the Archie comics. Our next stop in our virtual tour will take us to the