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Here on the Chipps Tree Care blog, we often emphasize the importance of tree pruning with regards to keeping your trees in good health, and looking great. In this post, however, we’re going to talk about why early winter is such a great season for pruning trees. While most yard work, gardening and exterior maintenance

As a seasoned tree pruning company operating in Strathcona County, we’ve certainly seen some pretty amazing things in our day. We feel extremely privileged everyday to work with an organism that time and time again surprises us and teaches us new things. We’ve been posting on the blog pretty often of late about the aspects

you live in downtown Edmonton, you may not have a huge property – it’s a tradeoff of living where the action is. Still, Edmonton is a pretty green city with lots of great trails, public parks and a wide variety of coniferous and deciduous trees. In the summer months, there are trees in bloom everywhere

While it’s not necessarily a problem that directly affects Albertans, the wildfire season this year in BC has reached such epically tragic proportions that we feel a need to chime in on the topic. A state of emergency was declared on July 7th, with over 904 fires occurring since April 1st. Some of the blazes

As the top ranked tree removal experts in Edmonton and the surrounding area, we spend an immense amount of time considering questions along the lines of: what is the meaning of the life of a tree? While some may think this is silly, we don’t really see how it’s any different than asking what the