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Deep Root Fertilizing

Deep-Root Fertilizing

Deep-root fertilizer is a fundamental tree service for maintaining the beauty of your landscape. In a forest setting, decomposing plant materials provide trees with adequate nutrient levels to sustain healthy growth. In an urban environment, the trees natural nutrient sources are removed, breaking the nutrient cycle. In place of the forest floor, turf grass planted in most urban areas provides competition for the remaining nutrients that are in the soil.

Our deep-root fertilizer programs reintroduce essential nutrients to the soil. Injected directly into the feeder-root zone, the tree is provided with the macro and micronutrients it needs to be a healthy and beautiful part of your urban landscape.

Living on the prairies means hot, dry summers, and so often trees succumb to the drought conditions that surround them. Deep-root watering puts the water directly where your trees need it, in the root zone. Watering your trees in dry spells helps boost your trees ability to protect itself from insect infestation and disease.