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Satisfied with the services of Chipps Tree Care? I certainly am. Chipps has been tending to our trees, shrubs and hedge for many years. They are knowledgeable, capable and reliable.

Betty Lint, Edmonton

I am here to recommend to anyone and everyone that these people at Chipps are a cut way above any contractor of any kind that I have ever hired. I believe in a “fair wage for fair work” and I had not found that in a contractor before or since, excepting THIS company. They exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable! I was so happy with their work I sent them my sincerest thanks with a large edible bouquet! In today’s world where people expect everything for nothing I was shown how this company, these people, give beyond, give over, give such a high quality of service and show responsibility in their care from trimming, cutting down, stump removal; I can’t think of a bad word to associate with them!!! My experience was painless, stress less…they have more than what they got, fire sure. Feel free to call or text me if you don’t believw the words written here. My number is 780-4322 and my name is Rena. May all their lives be filled with b lessings! Big hug to you all.

Rena Dickinson, Sherwood Park